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Changing Accounting

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Changing the Face of Accounting

Welcome to Universal Accounting®, the training authority on small-business accounting and tax services.

For 30 years, Universal has recognized that small businesses have unique financial needs that cannot be adequately serviced with corporate accounting and tax techniques. Because of this, Universal Accounting® developed training programs designed to help graduates acquire the expertise necessary to fully satisfy these small business needs.

With Allen Bostrom and since 1979, tens of thousands of Universal students have successfully completed these programs, going on to advance their careers, start and grow their own businesses, or expand their service offerings. And in that time, we have perfected our programs, honing our instructional materials to include everything a financial professional could want to enhance their credentials and increase their profitability.

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offer quickbooks services

Offer QuickBooks Services Over 80% of small businesses use Intuit's QuickBooks accounting software. Mastering QuickBooks can help you enhance your standing with a current employer or enhance your practice by adding setup, consultation and help services to your menu.

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Take the Video Tour of Universal Accounting®

Welcome to Universal Accounting®. Whether you are interested in furthering your career in accounting and tax, starting or building a practice or are a business owner wanting a profit-focused accounting system, we invite you to visit our site. Take our tour to learn how accounting can make the difference in any business. You'll see why "If It's About Accounting, It's Universal."

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start & grow your business

Start and Grow Your Own Business Over 80% of accounting opportunities can be found within small business. Universal's training programs specialize in small-business accounting so that you can take advantage of this valuable niche market. From setting up a company's books to composing year end statements, the Professional Bookkeeper™ program will teach you everything you need to know.

if you're interested in achieving tremendous growth and profitability, we have a marketing program designed to help you increase your annual earnings by at least $30,000. The Universal Practice Builder course enables financial professionals to become marketing specialists who know just how to promote their services in order to see measurable results.

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Professional Certification

earned through our programs

Professional Certification

From employers to clients, everyone likes a financial professional with credentials. Universal Accounting®'s skills-specific programs-the Professional Bookkeeper, the Professional Tax Preparer, and the Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to QuickBooks-all include the opportunity to earn a designation you can hang on your wall and add to your business card.

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tax preparation and planning

Learn Tax Preparation and Planning What better service to complement accounting than tax preparation and planning? By mastering this one skill you can increase your income by approximately $7500 per year. Line by line, the Universal Accounting®'s Professional Tax Preparer™ program will teach you how to complete individual and business returns so that you can either prepare taxes on the side or start your own tax business full-time.

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