A Bookkeeping & Tax Career

Why become an accountant and/or tax expert? Accounting services are always in demand. Businesses of every size perform bookkeeping and tax functions regardless of business type. The law requires it, and most business owners don't want to perform these functions themselves. And when a good accounting tax professional demonstrates how accounting and tax planning can save a business hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, businesses quickly recognize the year-round value of a accounting professional.

Univesal Accounting Happy Student A report from the U.S. Department of Labor states that the accounting field is expected to grow 20% by 2008, and the department ranks accounting as one of the top 25 occupations for its total number of positions and job openings. The bottom line is that every business needs someone with accounting and tax skills. The demand for accountants and bookkeepers continues to grow each year as the number of new businesses also continues to grow.

As an accountant and tax professional, you can work your way from data entry clerk to controller, increasing your pay along the way. Universal can teach you the skills to help you get there faster.

Whether you are considering the accounting profession, wanting to move ahead with promotions and advancements, or simply working for the pay raise you deserve, Universal will give you that advantage.

There is a huge demand for accountants who understand the specific needs of businesses because the most common problem plaguing business owners and managers is their inability to understand their finances. Because of this, Universal has websites that demonstrate how accounting, bookkeeping tax skills can help you Get Paid What You Are Worth.

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