Business Management

For all businesses, from little start-ups to well-established companies and everything in between, making money is the common goal. Making money requires the balance of offering a product or service at a cost that is fair for the consumer and profitable for the company.

The Universal Business Model Every company needs a proper Business Assessment to determine how well it's doing. Today, the average business may find its competition, not around the corner, but in another country. This can make it difficult to gauge the competitor's edge; that is why an outside evaluation can offer a better perspective than an evaluation done in-house.

Every business is made up of three core elements that, when working together, (Image of UBM model) can make any company profitable.

The Universal Business Model enables any company to advance from just being in business to being "in the BLACK."

Learn how accounting should work together with production and marketing departments in any business of every size. Understand how the accounting department (accountant or bookkeeper) should be a profit center. Let us demonstrate how the most basic accounting knowledge can enable any company, department, or individual to contribute positively to the bottom line so that business can be "in the BLACK" with our training