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According to experts, a home-based accounting, bookkeeping and tax service is considered the best type of home-based business. We have all heard the phrase, "there are two things in life that are certain, death and taxes." But think for a moment, even the dead pay taxes.

Not only do all businesses need accounting for tax purposes, but every company must manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll, to name just a few. It is the responsibility of the accountants to tell if a business is generating profit, also known as being "in the BLACK."

Learn why 85% of businesses are ideal clients. Whether you are considering this as a part-time service, supplemental income, or a full-time, primary income business, Universal Accounting® has helped thousands of people from various backgrounds start and successfully build their own accounting, bookkeeping and tax business.

Remember all those times when you've considered having your own business. Now is the time! This is the place! We are here to help! Universal Accounting® has created a website specifically designed to help you start and market your own service.

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