Start a Tax Preparation Business

Years ago, the tax and accounting professions separated so that today many tax professionals do not necessarily work in the accounting field, and vice versa. Today tax preparation is a profession that offers opportunities to those who become experts through continued training apart from the day-to-day accounting process.

Each year, nearly every adult in the nation determines whether they will owe taxes or receive a refund, making knowledgeable tax professionals some of the most sought-after individuals in the US today.

Would you like to become a professional in a field that is in great demand, a profession that will increase your income and grant you the freedom to enjoy your life?

Currently professional tax specialists prepare 50% of all tax returns.

Whether you are interested in starting a tax practice to;

  1. Supplement your existing income with part-time work on weekends and evenings
  2. Replace your full-time income by becoming a Professional Tax Preparer, or
  3. Build a successful tax firm

Universal can provide the means for you to reach your goals.

Once you understand the difference between tax-planning and tax preparation, you'll realize that taxes are a year-round opportunity. A career in tax preparation focused on preparing individual and business returns can be very secure.