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Boring? or Bostrom!

Bring Life, Laughter and Learning to Accounting

Is Accounting exciting? It is with Allen Bostrom! Allen's passion for his profession makes his presentations enlightening and entertaining. Allen is a sought-after speaker and presenter known for both his wit and wisdom in promoting the importance of using accounting information for better business decision-making.

Allen B. Bostrom, CEO of Universal Accounting® based in Salt Lake City, UT has over 30 years experience with businesses of all sizes and has taught over 25,000 people different aspects of Accounting and Business Management. He has authored countless business management articles for publication and distribution. His weekly e-zine goes to 20,000 readers. Additionally, he has developed coursework that is used in Universal Accounting® campuses across the country.

Allen admits he owes much of his business sense to his father, Alf Bostrom. As a young man, Allen accompanied his father to work where he observed powerful management principles in practice. "These principles are even more important today than they were thirty-five years ago due to increased competitive pressures,' says Allen.

He has refined and added to his early training that is contained in his latest release, In the Black: Nine Principles to Make Your Business More Profitable. In the Black dramatically changes the way a business owner looks at his or her business. He has taught and practiced the Nine Principles in many industries, in all economic conditions.


In the Black
Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable

Allen takes the principles he learned from his father as his success as a business turnaround specialist and expands them into the universal business model. These nine principles, when implemented can make your business or your clients businesses more profitable. You will learn:
  • How to integrate the three major functions of business - Marketing, Production and Accounting to maximize profit.
  • How to gain the knowledge and wisdom from your business to make better decisions.
  • Why accounting information is critical and what it can tell you about how to manage your business more profitably.
  • How to implement these nine principles immediately in your business.

This presentation can given as a keynote, or expanded to a break out session or full day workshop.

From Red to Black in 30 Days
Small Business Accountant's Guide to Quick Turnaround

Allen takes you through the step by step process of taking a faltering or failing business and making it profitable - quickly. You will learn the first priorities to stop the bleeding, the important decisions to be made, and the little things that make a big difference including:
  • How to assess a business's "bounce back" ability from a downturn
  • How to create a plan for success
  • How to get the business back on its feet fast and stay there.

This presentation can be given as a keynote, or expanded to a break out session or full day workshop.

Allen B. Bostrom
Allen B. Bostrom


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