Building an Accounting & Tax Firm

Too often accountants and tax professionals forget that they are, first and foremost, business owners and, second, accountants. It is becoming an accountrepreneur. Like any other business, they have three areas of focus that must be addressed within their own businesses in order to be successful in today's professional world:

Client Prospecting

Because we are accountants and tax professionals, we can do the accounting and tax for our clients as well as our own office(s), but that is only two of the three keys to success in this business. The area needing attention, the area that can make or break any business, is effective marketing.

Is your client prospecting effective? Universal Accounting® has developed a proven marketing strategy for building a successful firm. Universal helps other practices implement the strategy to get more clients while freeing up more of your personal time and, if desired, does it for you. Part of the Universal Practice Builder model is built on more than 12 specific marketing strategies that meet 2 criteria. The strategies are each effective and inexpensive in signing accounting clients. To learn how your firm can build a 6 or 7 figure revenue stream in months, earning you more money and more free time as you build your practice to free up and not tie you down.

Build Your Own Successful Accounting & Tax Service