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Universal Accounting®'s Financial Services Training Courses Include:

The Universal Accounting® financial services program teaches you both tax preparation for individuals and businesses as well as how to service the accounting and bookkeeping needs of your clients. Combine the two services and greatly increase your profits and make marketing your service to businesses with varied needs much easier. It is a natural fit that if you do a company's books, you are the one most qualified to do their taxes because of your knowledge of their financial situation. You will also be very well positioned to advise business owners how to minimize their tax burden.

An average small-business accounting client will pay you $300 per month for 6-8 hours of work. When you add tax planning and preparation services, that jumps by and additional $100 per month per client. The difference between finance payments for just the accounting course and the accounting + tax course is more than made up for with the first client you do both accounting and tax services for. From then on, it just increases your earnings.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Training

Professional Bookkeeper logoHaving a solid understanding of the Accounting and Bookkeeping methods and procedures is a great first step in learning the concepts behind Financial Business Analysis. You will learn to do books for small to mid-sized companies and how to analyze the books to prepare reports. You will learn to interpret reports so that you can advise your clients how to reduce costs and to better understand their financial standing and profitability. Your clients will look to you as an invaluable source of information about the financial health of their organization.

If you are considering adding Tax Preparation and Planning to your Financial Services business at some point, you get a great price by purchasing both programs as a bundle.

Tax Preparation Training

Learning Tax Preparation is a great way to get started providing Financial Services for small to medium businesses and to individuals. You will learn this valuable service from the simplest tax returns to much more involved corporate taxes. With Universal Accounting's hands-on method of video-based training, you will do the same kinds of books that you will do for your clients, giving you the confidence that you need to aquire good paying clients. We will teach you to market your skills to make you profitable fast. If you are considering adding Accounting and Bookkeeping services to your Financial Services business at some point, you get a great price by purchasing both programs as a bundle.

Learn More about the Professional Tax Preparer™ course.

Bundle the Professional Bookkeeper™ Course (PB) and The Professional Tax Preparer™ Course and SAVE BIG!

A Career In Accounting and Bookkeeping

For those interested in a pursuing Accounting and Bookkeeping as a career, the Professional Bookkeeper™ (PB) Program prepares you to excel in these fields.

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Become a Full Financial Services Provider

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The Financial Services training includes the Professional Tax Preparer™ certification program and the 60 hour Professional Bookkeeper™ program.

A Few Graduate Testimonials

"When I started this class I knew nothing about accounting. Wow, what a difference 4 weeks can make! My advice, Just Do It. You never know what you can do until you do it. I know you've heard it before, but in 10 years do you want to be where you are now? I don't. That's why I'm here doing this."
—Dennis Keener

"I have the videos and will watch them over and over. This support sets Universal Accounting Center℠ apart from the other institutions. The material presented by Universal Accounting Center℠ is what I have searched for all my life. I know from years of educational experience that no finer information exists and no one puts this material together better than Universal Accounting®!"
—Benjamin York

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