New Book to Save Failing Businesses

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 21, 2006) - Universal Accounting® announced the release of Red to Black, a business book designed to aid accountants in turning around failing businesses. Red to Black will be a sequel to Allen Bostrom's In the Black: Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable. Bostrom recently agreed to author the title for the firm.

The new title will train accountants in the art of business turnaround with proven methods used by small business financial experts, Universal Accounting® and will explain how a business in trouble could benefit from a turnaround expert. The book will also teach small business accountants the benefit of having business turnaround as an expertise. Red to Black will be published in hardcover by Universal Accounting® in June 2006.

Universal Accounting® is a Salt Lake City, UT based training center offering accounting, bookkeeping and income tax training to students throughout the world. Universal Accounting® skills are taught through live classroom sessions or through its patented home-study course, allowing students to learn at their own pace. More information about the Universal Accounting® can be found by calling 1-800-343-4827.


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